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Is a Black Woman Wearing a Weave Cultural Appropriation?


I have grown up in a world where my natural appearance doesn’t fit beauty standards. As a child I was fooled into believing that my round nose, tough hair and large lips were not beautiful, and in order to attain this beauty I had to change. However, this isn’t a recent phenomenon, for centuries black men and women have been manipulated into believing that in order to get that great job, or to be a respected individual in society, you had to conform to an unrealistic beauty standard…the European standard. Black men and women have gone to extreme lengths such as using dangerous chemicals and excessive heat, to loosen their kinky curls and appear more “civilised,” “clean” and “professional.” All so that they can be accepted in a world that still doesn’t truly accept them.

During the colonial period, propaganda material in the form of leaflets and posters were distributed across Europe, to show the “uncivilised African.” This material mocked and shamed Africans for their natural features. Though this material is not widely used and distributed today, the misconception that afros aren’t beautiful, professional or appropriate for the workplace, still exists. It is this reason why many black men and women have resorted to wearing weaves, wigs and using harsh chemicals to straighten their hair.

Black men and women have been fired from jobs and discriminated against because of their natural hair.

Despite all of this, black people have been accused of appropriating European culture, due to the popular use of straight weaves and hairstyles. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs, was accused of cultural appropriation when he casted predominantly white models to wear dreadlocks on his runway. He responded to this criticism by saying that, it’s “funny how you don’t criticise women of colour for straightening their hair.” But he’s right, we don’t or shouldn’t criticise women of colour for straightening their hair. Black men and women have been fired from jobs and discriminated against because of their natural hair, and their use of traditional African hairstyles. So what little choice do we have other than to conform to the European norm?

Marc Jacobs isn’t the only person who has accused black people of cultural appropriation. Whoopi Goldberg stated that, “if we’re gonna go with cultural appropriation, wear natural hair. If we’re wearing white lady hair, isn’t that appropriation as well?” Both Whoopi and Marc are completely missing the point, and have failed to educate themselves on the history behind black people and straight hairstyles.

In wearing straight hairstyles, we aren’t appropriating culture, we are trying to conform to an unrealistic beauty ideal that wasn’t created to include us and our black features, but to exclude and isolate us from the white world. It is important that people recognise this, and stop accusing black men and women of appropriating European culture.

Written by Adesuwa 


Adesuwa is an avid reader, passionate writer and intersectional feminist, whose immense interest in such areas, led to her joining the LAPP The Brand team as a Senior Editor.

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  1. Maria November 3, 2017

    I do, however, agree with Marc Jacobs and Whoopie. I have a few black female friends who just prefer weaves and hair straightening. Not because they are trying to blend or whatever. I also (I am caucasian ) braid my hair sometimes because I think it is beautiful. So no, neither black nor white people should be shamed for wearing each other’s hair styles. Both are beautiful, and both cultures borrow each other’s styles. Stop telling white people not to braid their hair or tell black people not to straighten theirs/wear weaves. Your hair, do what you like it should NOT be offending anyone. It’s 21st century also, what do mixed race people do ? get blamed from both sides ?? just please stop this you all and what you want to do with your hair. If black women wear weaves imitating straight hair and this is fine I don’t see why white girls wearing theirs in braids (also 2 braids is not purely black hairstyle !!) should be told off for cultural appropriation. Leave each other alone everyone 🙂


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