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A few years ago, the very thought of having anyone near the vicinity of my vagina whilst on my period would have either angered me or really turned me off. I know this is a reality for many of you. I just don’t feel at my best when I’m on my period and with the mess and smells, it can all be too much.  So why write about it? Well, with the right information, setting, and partner, it can be a truly amazing experience to have.

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Ok, so it is not for everyone, right? Some people are so ashamed of their so called ‘kinks’ and true desires that they don’t explore them and that leads to them thinking that something is wrong with them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I volunteer to speak openly about my experiences good and bad. I am not here to make a new trend or say what is right for you or not. What I am saying though, is that it is perfectly fine/normal to go ‘against’ what is viewed as a ‘taboo’ even today. Because, what does normal even mean?

Why is it that, when you are on your period – the time when you really should be resting, eating copious amounts of chocolate (or whatever else takes your fancy), you are exhausted physically, your hormones are all over the place, you are in pain, that you are at your horniest? Our bodies are wonderful, aren’t they? Now, of course not everyone has these reactions, we are not a monolith. Some people suffer from extremely painful cycles and should be treated gently and kindly at all times.

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Listening to various millennial podcasts, I recognise that there are still some misconceptions on the subject and quite strong differing opinions. As I said before, not everything is for everybody but let’s let others live please!

The first time I had period sex, it was very much an accident. It was actually brought on by the vigorous sex I was having at the time and I clearly hadn’t done the math and calculated when ‘lady red’ would pay me a visit. Needless to say, we were both a bit shocked. What made it not as embarrassing as it could have been was the guy’s super mature attitude to it all. He didn’t make it into a big deal (thankfully). He could see from the horrified look on my face, that this was not some elaborate plan to spice things up (not that time anyway *wink*).

The second time, I was in a loving and committed relationship. We had taken a trip to Amsterdam and everything was just right. The weather was sunny, the vibe was chilled and we were just really enjoying each other’s company. There was no great anticipation to have sex because we all know how much that can kill us when we feel pressured to be doing stuff right? It was quite romantic actually and we set it up nicely. I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

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I am no great expert on this topic by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a girl who has tried some stuff and if you are thinking about it too, here are some tips on how to go about it:

  1. Be safe, use protection, and look after yourself, always.
  2. Make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable and that goes for who you are with too. Trust is very important.
  3. Depending on where you are in your cycle, consider taking a shower or a bath to feel at your cleanest and sexiest.
  4. Lay a couple towels down, some dark ones if you have them. That way you can focus instead of subconsciously thinking about ruining your sheets and mattress.
  5. Have fun and live your best sexual life!

Whether you decide to have period sex mid flow, at the end of your cycle or not at all, do not be afraid to explore things that turn you on. There is no shame in it and by exploring your sexuality it is a sure fire way to know if you like something or you don’t.

Written by Sophia Baker

Sophia Baker

Knitting enthusiast, avid Game of thrones fan, and Webtoons addict

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