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The Age of the Insta Beauty


There are countless blogs and magazine articles that promise women we can reach our prettiest potential, viagra  as long as we all follow certain steps. If you follow these, pill you’ll be able to achieve the type of ‘airbrushed beauty’ flooding our Instagram feeds.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman in my 20s who loves a good beauty pampering. I know the basic process of contouring and highlighting, however it does bother me when I scroll through social media and see women spray-painted with the same make-up mask, covering up what makes them truly unique and beautiful for it.

I glaze over these images of identically made up faces, showing every woman basically merging into the mannequin version of themselves, and it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not saying burn all the foundation and blusher brushes – I just feel that through making ourselves up, women should strive to admire their individual face. Diversity is beauty, and this is what we should be celebrating. Women exist in an array of skin tones and facial features, and it’s just a shame that this is not reflected as much through the media.

It doesn’t help that in such a digital age as now, it’s so easy to influence followers and spread this unhealthy view of what is perceived as not only beautiful but attractive to the opposite sex. Teenage girls and young women are both oversaturated with posts displaying that ‘popping highlight’ and overlined lip, unaware most of the time that this portrayal of beauty is deceiving. Many pictures posted are manipulated with countless photo-editing tools to achieve the correct light, vibrant colouring and cheekbone sharpening.

Source: Kylie Jenner

Reigning social media queen, Kylie Jenner is one of the strongest celebrity advocates it seems of inauthentic beauty. At only 17-years-old Kylie surgically enhanced her lips – a clear indication of her personal insecurities regarding fitting in with the Hollywood standards of beauty. This young lady is internationally praised by the media for her manipulated look, clearly emulating the natural full lips of black women who are nowhere near praised upon in the same way for such features. Kylie continues to enhance her pout and has even managed to make serious money off of this feature by releasing the universally successful Lipkit, soon followed by a range of Kylie Cosmetics.

Fans have fallen over themselves to purchase these products in the desperation to achieve the same perfected make-up look as the young star. This proves that the demand to stay amongst the ‘beauty crowd’ and keep up with the new wave of the Insta ‘glam face’ culture is only getting stronger. It begs the question, what does this mean for the generation of young women today and how they consider what it means to be beautiful? Women have dabbled in make-up since the beginning, so is it just a case of enjoying make-up for what it is, or does the issue run deeper?

Source: Melly Sanchez

Make-up has become a palette in which we paint a face over our own instead of accenting the beauty of our individual features, thanks to the contour/lip paint tutorials flooding YouTube and Instagram. This illustrates that the struggle to appreciate the variation within beauty, is very much present and likely to continue as long as visual social media is still continuing.

Written by Escher Walcott

Instagram: @escherstyles



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  1. Olly August 12, 2017

    I really love this article. I really got into makeup about a year ago and as a young person (17), I was really confused as to where to start. I searched endlessly for tutorials and such before my first obstacle cropped up; finding black youtubers with the same idea of makeup as me.
    I’m definitely not a ‘YAAAAS, SLAAY’ kind of person and so it was hard to find a style that wasn’t what was seen in the media and instagram. Now, I’ve resolved to just do me, without the copy and paste idealogy, I think I’ll try my best to look like me and only me.


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