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Dear white beauty community, approved it’s not your place to forgive Jeffree Star on our behalf because…you simply weren’t affected.

Back in April Jackie Aina posted an “anti haul” video where she talked about items she won’t be buying, drugs including any of Jeffree Star’s cosmetics. Jackie explained that she couldn’t support him because of his racist past. I find it hard for anyone to have an issue with her comments. But Jeffree wasn’t too pleased so he blocked her. She followed it up with the statement: “If you openly and blatantly disrespect black women I can’t support you. Get over it. The end. Have a lovely day.” In true Jeffree Star fashion, hospital he escalates the situation. But he brought Black Twitter into an uproar when he called her a “rat”. In Jeffree’s recent fights with black women he has referred to them as “rats”. For example his fight with beauty guru MakeupShayla when he referred to her as a “broke rat” and threatened to beat her to the ground. Comparing black people to animals is automatically racist. Jeffree tried to justify his reaction by saying he had apologized in the past and to get over it. Apologies are nice, but they’re meaningless when you don’t change your behavior. If Jeffree was sorry about his racist past, why didn’t he understand why Jackie was weary to support his brand.

Thankfully black twitter posted a video of him repeatedly calling black women n*gger b*tches. The black beauty community was rightfully offended and jumped to Jackie’s defense. Jackie’s statements read: “just admit u don’t like when black women don’t worship you & move on…Never forget that @JeffreeStar will call black women rats, uneducated, and broke when they do not worship him.” Glamlifeguru (Tati Westbrook) commented under her collaboration video with Jeffree with a lengthy response to say that she got to know Jeffree, heard his story, and that he’s not racist. She also said that it’s not about race. Friendly reminder that being cordial with people of color doesn’t exclude anyone from being racist. Of course she doesn’t feel like he’s any of these things because she’s a white woman and has never been affected by racism. Tati never tried to get to know Jackie and hear her story just like how she took the time to get to know Jeffree. Instead she made Jeffree the victim by saying that Jackie attacked him to get a reaction and that she DESERVED it.

This is another case of white women speaking over black women. Tati doesn’t have the right to tell any person of color how to feel or react to racism. Days later, Jeffree posted a video on his channel titled “Racism”. Despite the video title, he missed a major opportunity to deliver an important message about racism. All he talked about was himself and made excuses for his behavior. Yes, most of the LGBT community has experienced some type emotional struggle, but that’s not an excuse to project your anger on others. He says he was fighting back by…using racial slurs and that he was only trying “shock” people by using the N word, but “it wasn’t about their race.” Huh? He certainly doesn’t owe anyone an apology but It’s better to own up to your mistakes than to victimize yourself. His video received praise from everyone but people of color. I saw white women accepting his “apology” as if they were the ones affected. His youtube besties Laura Lee & MannyMUA were quick to applaud him. Seeing all of this put a bad taste in my mouth. Why are they showing him sympathy? He wasn’t talking to them when he was chasing black women around and calling them the N word. Jeffree only put this video out to shut people up.

It is not the white beauty community’s place to forgive Jeffree Star on the black beauty community’s behalf. They don’t get to tell us to “get over it”. We hear that “it’s not about race” all of the time.There will continue to be oppression as long as white people continue to talk over us.


Written by Crystal Alejandro


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