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White Feminists Won’t Condemn Wonder Woman


We have a Wonder Woman movie. This is great. Amazing, mind even. Not only do we have finally have a female led superhero film, viagra approved it was directed by a woman, with a crew consisting mainly of women. In the patriarchal system that is Hollywood, and after years of waiting on a Black Widow film, this feels like a huge accomplishment and, in so many ways, it is. The movie has gotten amazing reviews and seems to be, all around, a badass, kick-butt film. It’s great to see women being fierce and powerful on screen with men being secondary characters and not the main players. However, there are several issues the movie’s lead star that people can’t ignore.


Wonder Woman has been banned in Lebanon. Why? You might wonder. Well, the problem is Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot served under the Israeli Defence Forces during the Second War between Israel and Lebanon, a conflict that killed thousands of civilians and endures to this day. Gadot is an avid support of the IDF, a force that has also perpetrated multiple attacks against Palestine. Gadot expressed her support for the IDF on a Facebook post during an attack on the Gaza strip that killed 2100 people, 495 of them were children and 253 were women. While for the majority of the world, it can be easy to overlook these incidents, we mustn’t give her or this film a free pass, just because, as a collective, so many of us were yearning for a film whose main focus was a powerful, female superhero. If you call yourself a feminist, then you know that the plight of Middle Eastern women cannot be ignored and the Israeli attacks on Palestine – that have garnered international condemnation – are appalling and more should be done to bring justice and awareness to their cause.


White Feminism sees Gadot as an inspiring and empowering figure, all the while choosing to ignore her support for the atrocious crimes the Israeli government has committed against Palestine. Feminism means equality and that equality should be extended to everyone and attacks on freedom should be condemned by all, even if it’s not your freedom they are attacking. White feminists love to say that they are for all women, while ignoring real issues that impact different women around the world in different ways, while getting angry at extremely minuscule problems, such as the fact that Gadot had shaved armpits in the movie’s trailer.


Ignoring Gal Gadot’s support of the IDF is extremely problematic and while she has never publicly support the atrocities committed against Palestine, she has never condemned them either and ignoring that is sending a dangerous message, given her new role as an empowering figure. Sending a message, however subtle that may be, that Israel’s actions against Palestine are to be praised when thousands of civilians have died due to this conflict is wrong and goes against everything Wonder Woman stands for. However, this is just my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. But the fact is Palestinian people have been suffering for decades and it’s time we start condemning the actions of those who have caused them such suffering, even if it means to rain down on our parade as fans of what is supposed to be an empowering, female lead, superhero movie.


Written by Inês Mendonça



Inês Mendonça

Inês is a 21 year old aspiring journalist with a passion for all things social justice related. Inês believes that the world is so messed up and wants to use writing as tool to bring awareness and try to make things better. You can find Inês on instagram @ineswritesthings.

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  1. ebaqtes.com July 13, 2017

    So go and enjoy your new feminist film, did you hear it was directed by a woman?


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