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Lets Talk About Azealia Banks and the Chicken Sacrifice.


Azealia Banks has managed to stir trouble on social media yet again but this time over chicken sacrifices?


The 25 year old rapper, sildenafil Azealia Banks is no newcomer to social media controversy but after posting about cleaning out her closet of “three year” chicken sacrifices in the name of brujeria- Twitter blew up in flames. Animal rights activists flocked to attack the young star, approved people even claim that Azealia Banks mental illness has taken a toll and even celebrities like Sia decided to throw some slight shade:


But this leads others to questions- are people really that oblivious to Africana religions/cultures and brujeria in general? Animal sacrifices in religions and cultures such as Voodoo and Santeria is no surprise to individuals of the afro Caribbean, dosage African and Latin america background as it’s practiced dominantly throughout the regions. On a broader aspect that I can pinpoint from of a Haitian point of view- Voodoo and Santeria stemmed from West African descendants that were brought to Caribbean region back in 1600-1700’s.

A little background on Voodoo/Santeria:

Santeria is a mix of Taino religious beliefs, Roman Catholicism and it worships the catholic Saints. It’s a syncretic religion that managed to grow within the Spanish empire by Yoruba West African descendants and its syncretized by Roman Catholicism. Santeria back then was also a way for West African slaves to release their worries and have something to hold faith within while their masters would try to suppress their religion and forcibly convert them into Christianity. But this isn’t the first time Santeria has made an introduction in pop culture so what’s up with the outrage?



American Horror Story’s Coven was based on voodou and people happily chummed up the aesthetic.

We’re not all Azealia Banks biggest fan but it shouldn’t be a surprise that religions/cultures do exist where animal sacrifices are conducted but they shouldn’t be demonized. Why are africana religions always showcased as evil in western culture when western religions such as Christianity that started on the basis of sacrificing animals, where Genesis had Abel killing rams, Abraham was willing to give forth his own child and in one point in history God called for animal sacrifices- shouldn’t the same outrage towards african religions be given to that as well? The lack of education of africana religions have led people to carelessly dismiss other’s cultures with no regards.

I think it’s safe to say that whether you are Christian, Catholic, or a proud practitioner of Santeria/Voodoo- everyone has the right to practice what they want and not be labeled as crazy.

Also, Azealia Banks- girl…ya gotta clean out that closet RIGHT AFTER practices!

Written by Neysha Jasme


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