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The Best Highlighters for All Skin Tones


Hello beautiful people, tadalafil look make sure you enter 2017 glowing with confidence, illness radiance and a banging highlighter. Highlighters are perfect for adding an extra dimension to your makeup… and ego. It’s all about the glow game these days and I have a few highlighters that will really upgrade your highlight game. With this cold weather that we are experiencing in the UK, buy more about when the sun doesn’t want to shine you really got to compensate for it on your face! Here are my top 5 highlighters (I tried to do more but only 5 made the cut!)

Here we go…

Gold Deposit by MAC


This highlighter is a serious game changer in the highlighter category. The reason this made it to the top of my list is for the perfect mix of pearlescent glow with an intense gold pigment. It is not every highlighter that actually has such a true gold shimmer that is true to the colour on your skin. This works amazingly on both dark and lighter skin tones but you definitely pay for what you get as this one is £24.

Sleek highlighter


If you don’t know about the Sleek highlighter… where have you been? Yes, I’m talking about the champagne gold shimmer highlight that comes in the dark contour kit. I still don’t understand why they do not sell it as a separate product because it is such an amazing highlighter and looks so petty on all skin tones. This highlighter is quite light but doesn’t come out ashy on darker skin so it’s a winner. It is so affordable at only £7.

Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick


I love this product from Bobby Brown, the spectrum of shimmers come together to make a sensationally glowing highlight. The different shades create a very 3D effect  and it applies to the skin so smoothly like butter… LOVE! It’s totally worth the £34 in my opinion.

Soft Frost extra dimension highlighter by MAC


Now this is an unusually popping highlighter. This new extra dimension highlighter from MAC is a cross between a highlighter and a compact glitter. it has tiny reflective sparkly bits in it that do give it an extra dimension. This particular colour (soft frost) has a blue blue tint to it which I absolutely love, especially paired with a blue eyeshadow look. £24 for this one!

Sun beam by Benefit Cosmetics


I’m not usually a fan of liquid highlighters but this pot of gold got me twisted! It is so luscious and works well as a base before you highlight with a powder or works well on it’s own for a dewy look. Another reason I love this is that you can mix it win with your foundation for an all over subtle glow. This product is £19.50.

Written by Zee xo


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