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How Social Media Has Changed Being a Makeup Artist


A great friend and an amazing make up artist recently told me that “I just had to read this article” published by E news online entitled, sickness no rxFollowers Are the New Currency: How Social Media Has Changed the Celeb Glam Squad Game.”

After reading the article I could not help but think of the countless and ongoing conversations I have had with several “old school” makeup artists that have worked in the industry for at least 10 years. I have thought about the frustrations that we all have voiced because of the now major competition between “us”, makeup artists that have worked for celebrities, and countless brands as trainers and national or international artists before social media, and “them’ artists who started after the wave of social media who have in some cases mastered the artistry of self marketing rather than makeup, and have seen tons of success because of their popularity on social media platforms.


When it comes to “us”, old school makeup artists, our main problem is the lack of self-promotion. Most of us that have been working mua’s for ten years or more are not millennials, and therefore have not adapted as easily to using social media to display our every move publicly.  According to old school “glam squad etiquette” and the E news article, in the past privacy was most important, and the use of cell phones was prohibited. Self-promotion was looked down upon, and publicists would not let you post photos of their clients because it was considered “self-serving” and “a disservice to their client.” Back in the day, old school mua’s only had our work ethic, talent, integrity, and patience while paying dues to mentors as tools that we used to get ahead.  Now if you fast forward, to 2016, everything has been flipped upside down.


The introduction of several social media platforms, like YouTube and Instagram and those platforms’ major appeal to millennials has changed the hair and makeup game forever. Times Magazine released an article that described millennials as being “lazy, entitled, self-obsessed narcissists.” I don’t know about the “lazy” part, but if all the other characteristics are true, social media makeup artists or “makeup marketers” as I like to call them are winning! Think about it, most social media platforms allow and encourage you to update your statuses constantly even if it is just to tell your Facebook friends or Twitter followers what you ate for lunch. Snapchat encourages you to share daily or even sometimes-hourly videos of what you are doing even if you are literally just walking down the street, and Instagram encourages you to post photos of yourself, and those photos can be just a ton of selfies.  When you think about these things in context, being all about self naturally and having encouragement from these social media platforms makes for the best damn self-promoters ever! Honestly, I think that this is the real reason why the newbie’s are giving us old school folks a run for our money!  They have essentially been trained public relations and marketing specialists since grade school, and when you actually add a skill or products they already know exactly how to market what it is they are selling especially if it involves self-promotion!

We all know based on certain celebrity families and musicians (that shall remain nameless) that having an actual talent is a much smaller part of the equation now than it ever has been, and if old school mua’s want their chance in the spotlight they are going have to adapt fast, behave like “entitled, self-obsessed, narcissists”, and get those Instagram followers, Facebook friends, Snapchat viewers, and Youtube subscribers as Remy Ma would say, all the way up!

Written by Michanna Murphy


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  1. Hope October 25, 2016

    TRUTH. DOT. COM! Very well written and on point article.


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