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Makeup Artists Are More Than an Online Phenomenon.


Social media has steadily been developing into a very lucrative and highly influential area of the beauty industry. A quick Google search of top makeup artists brought me to ’15 Famous Makeup Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram’. Another article by the guardian states that YouTube alone is “an industry that attracts 700m hits a month” on beauty blogger content, more about shop thus highlighting the influence social media is playing in the makeup industry today. So why is it that ‘Online Beauty Influencer’ is discredited as a genuine career by society?

These Beauty Bloggers and Instagramer’s not only generate a lot of money for brands, story and independent beauty brands, with the majority of these influencers and bloggers being young women. Blogger Grace F Victory, openly talks about the money she makes from producing online content, explaining that it has enabled her quit her day job and become more financially comfortable. She is very frank about the fact that she came from humble beginnings and has worked her way up.


Youtube sensation @MakeupByShayla with her collabortation with Tarte Cosmetics

It would seem that the social media beauty industry is something to be revered, however both the industry and bloggers themselves receive a lot of negativity from those who believe that it is ‘just makeup’, or that the industry is an inherently bad thing. A lot of the negativity attacks women in general for the use of makeup, and beauty influencers for encouraging this. Another blogger,Em Ford of My Pale Skin, has a viral video featuring comments left on her videos, in which users ridicule her with or without makeup on. It seems women can’t win. The main argument against makeup is that women are ‘falsely advertising’ themselves. It highlights a social issue, whereby even in 2016 women are still valued only as objects. In none of these comments do the perpetrators seem to acknowledge that what she is doing demonstrates skill and creativity, and perhaps isn’t for the sole purpose of objectifying herself.


Em Ford of @MyPaleSkinBlog

There is the age-old rhetoric of anything of a feminine nature being regarded as ‘less than’ by society because it is seen as easy.  This is pure ignorance. Makeup, as with any other creative profession requires hard work and dedication. Makeup Artistry requires skill that takes time and patience to perfect. Makeup Artist Crystal King’s blog post ‘Oh Really’ said the Makeup Artist, circulated Facebook via shares, mostly from other makeup artists and girls who work in the industry. Here she breaks down some key irritations of the impossible expectations people have for makeup artists because they do not understand that makeup is more complex than it seems. Regardless of how society may view this expanding and lucrative industry, one thing people need to learn is it is not just about being pretty.

Written by, Amara Lawrence 


Amara Lawrence

Amara is the Perspectives Editor for LAPP The Brand, and an English and Philosophy graduate. Amara is a proud Feminist who is passionate about breaking down gender constructs, but also has an extensive makeup collection.

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