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A huge amount of makeup enthusiasts have complained about the lack of inclusion in the makeup industry. So, when Fenty Beauty’s campaign for the 40-shade range Pro Filt’r Matte Foundation launched, the world was shook. The foundations sold out instantly, despite the fact that the stock was backed up for two years. There was no doubt that big sister gorgeous one, Rihanna, did that.

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Rihanna along with other celebrities have dabbled in the makeup industry; whether it as by working alongside with MAC cosmetics or starting their own thing. Kylie Jenner is probably one of the youngest celebrities in the makeup industry. After launching Kylie Cosmetic in 2016, Kylie had a lot of negative reviews from the start. The pricing, value and pigmentation were a topic of concern. Kylie made necessary amendments and continued to strive in sales.

After criticism for her relatively narrow range of tones and colors, Kylie announced the launch of her new concealers that includes 30 different shades. However, surprisingly, this hasn’t been received well. The main criticism was that this move was only motivated by Rihanna’s competition and some have argued that if Rihanna wasn’t as inclusive, Kylie wouldn’t be either.

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Okay. Let’s get our facts straight, and stop jumping on this bandwagon of hate. Kylie has tried to make her products applicable for a lot of skin colors, whether or not she succeeded is different.

Kylie has used her friends Jordyn Woods & Justine Skye in her campaigns as a way to illustrate how her products look on darker skin tones. So we can’t act as if she just started appealing to darker skin tones. A lot of people were complaining that she only started caring about different skin types as a reaction to Rihanna’s competition, but with the same breath they’re complaining about lack of inclusion. So do yáll want more shades or nah?

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If you want to compare the Fenty Beauty products to the Kylie Cosmetics, you can talk about the packaging being similar or the price range. The advertising was extremely parallel but saying Kylie copied BadgyalRiRi with the wide variety is not a strong argument. Yes Rihanna had the most impactful campaign but MAC, NARS, ABH, Lancome, MUFE, Estee Lauder, Bobby Brown and other brands have done the same thing!


Makeup influencers such as Alliyah’s Face and Jackie Aina also had a couple things to say. Alliyah was going back and forth on twitter trying to explain that people only started noticing inclusion in the makeup industry when Fenty Beauty came around, whilst Jackie Aina voiced issues with the swatches. Although Kylie released swatches on three different skin types, she originally swatched darker shades on her own arm. Jackie Aina has complained about this when Kim Kardashian did it because she feels as though it’s misleading. Nonetheless, both artists didn’t mention the 30 shade range being a problem.

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LAPPTheBrand, LAPP, Leomie Anderson, Jackie Aina

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Kylie isn’t necessarily known for being original, but you can’t knock her for trying. Everything she does causes some kind of controversy, but she can’t please everyone. Constantly complaining and comparing her to other people isn’t fair. At least she listened to criticism and improved her range, which is more than some of these brands (who have been around for longer) have done. You don’t need to give her your money, but respect her efforts.

Written by, Tolu Sarah Martins


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  1. Fanta Kaba December 29, 2017

    I appreciate your efforts with this article however, when brands are insincere about their inclusiveness, we as consumers have the right to criticize and voice our concerns. I myself is a make-up enthusiast and is really dark (490 in Fenty.) Prior to Fenty there were many brands deep dark shades for women of color, but Fenty Beauty pushed the envelope with all of its inclusiveness from lipstick to concealer, not to mention marketing. Kylie Jenner is known for band wagoning (especially of the backs of black women), her whole brand actually built of off this. The reason why these concealers are not selling out and receipted well is because as women of color we know our values in the beauty community. We know what brands are inclusive because of research and dedication to inclusiveness rather than just our coins.


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