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What Does Proper Sexual Education Truly Entail?


As someone who’s had very little sex in my lifetime I’m a little clueless when it comes to the act of sex, pilule  obviously. But at seventeen years old you’d expect me to be somewhat properly informed on sexual education right? wrong. I find myself constantly learning, hearing and seeing things about sex and my body in general that I just never knew about, and of course I won’t know everything but it’s clear a majority of these things I’m just learning I should have learned long ago. 

So whose fault is it? My parents for never actually having the talk with me? Or schools for only offering me a basic understanding when it comes to my body even though it’s far more complex? If you guessed all the above you’re correct! In our society the word sex correlates to something negative, a word we should be ashamed of, a taboo subject when in fact it shouldn’t be.

Researchers found that teenagers who received comprehensive sexual education were  60% less likely to become pregnant and vice versa less likely to get someone pregnant than those who didn’t receive sexual education. The World Health Organisation estimated that more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide either due lack of knowledge or carelessness. Local Government Association in the U.K. have finally said enough is enough and campaigned mercilessly for compulsory sex education in all schools, which was in fact granted by the government this year. They’ve also acknowledged the fact the current sexual education curriculum is extremely outdated and lacks the depth needed to really educate children about sex. Izzi Seccombe, chairman of the Association’s Community Wellbeing Board stated that compulsory sexual education “could make a real difference in reversing this trend, by preparing pupils for adulthood and enabling them to better take care of themselves and future partners.”

Sex Education in Uk

Teen Vogue came out to say this week to say that parents need to cover more than just sex when discussing “the birds and the bees” with their kids. Consent is a compulsory topic that should be discussed, along with how to treat and be treated by your future partner. The more we discuss these topics the less uncomfortable they will be and if your parents won’t teach you there’s a world of information right in front of you through books and the internet so don’t be shy get educated!

But we must remember that sexual education isn’t just about sex. Sexual education should also teach us about our truly amazing complex bodies. We need to know more about our vagina’s than just menstruation and pregnancy, we need to know more about penises than just wet dreams and making a baby there’s so much more to learn than we are taught. (did you know that the external part of our vagina’s is called the vulva, the vagina is the internal part! – I literally just learned that this week).

So if you’re like me, kind of clueless when it comes to sex and your own body I highly recommend these youtubers/sexologist keeping it real when it comes to SEX.

Shan Boodram (Shanboody) – https://m.youtube.com/user/shannontboodram

Hannah Witton – https://m.youtube.com/user/hannahgirasol

Melanie Murphy – https://m.youtube.com/user/MelaNiieVideos

AND REMEMBER if you are having sex keep it safe, cool and consensual.

Written by Halima Anita


Halima Jibril

Halima Jibril is a 19-year-old History and Film student, who loves historical dramas, musicals (Hamilton in particular), intersectional feminism and vegan cheese.

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  1. Lori May 28, 2017

    Often when parents try to speak to their daughters or sons for that matter these conversations are met with “ewwww gross mom stop! Can you not!?” If someone is looking for a book to helping the tween set, and as unlikely as it sounds, the American Girl published book the Care and Keeping of You is a pretty good resource.


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