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Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other in the Name of Gossip


If you are on any form of social media then yesterday you were likely to come across one of the trending topics; Selena Gomez wrapped around The Weeknd aka Bella Hadid’s ex. As one of 2016 most talked about couples, cheapest it has caused a stir because they only broke up in November before the Victoria’s Secret show and Selena is or was a known friend of Bella’s older sister Gigi Hadid. I get why it has caused the typical media frenzy that surrounds celebrity relationships but there are a few aspects I do not agree with.


I knew that by the end of the working day, I would see articles and memes pitting Selena Gomez against Bella Hadid as if it were a Chris Brown vs. Souljah Boy fight. It’s the age old story of Hollywood and one of the laziest forms of (if you can even call it this) journalism in the book to pit two young, women against each other with the man involved portrayed as an innocent bystander, a victim in the cross fire if you will. The articles aren’t here dragging The Weeknd (and they shouldn’t do that either… in fact can everyone just mind their business lol) but they insist on portraying the women as if they were Pokemon about to engage in battle, judging not only the situation, but their looks and other external factors as if they aren’t even human beings and that is so wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.14.16

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.20.20

Then comes the really pathetic, trash can news that won’t even let these two women post their regular content on their Instagrams without it being considered a call for The Weeknds attention. Bella who is currently in the Bahamas posted a picture in a swimsuit because wow people go swimming when they’re in such locations and in a matter of seconds there were articles with headlines similar to “Bella shows The Weeknd what he’s missing” and “drowning her sorrows with pals”… or maybe, just maybe, she liked the picture and decided to put it up just like she did every other day on the social media app? Honestly, the misogynistic undertones to all these articles is pretty appalling, especially coming from outlets that are meant to be covering real news. Yes, Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram and she is entitled to; wouldn’t you? It doesn’t mean she is plotting on how to “win back” her ex with strategic Instagram posts.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.14.34

FYI Selena wasn’t even the one who posted the image of herself in a thong!!! And also a thong is a thong so yes it is “skimpy”

I understand that it has always been part of the medias job to sensationalise stories and create some kind of additional controversy but I am really not here for the Bella vs. Selena commentary and the idea that they are now at war for The Weeknds attention. Unless either women decide to publicly enter the ring, I think its safe to say that the only war taking place is in their mentions on Twitter and comments on Instagram but it’s time to let this lazy and sexist form of media go; they are human beings not Pokemon.

Written by Leomie Anderson


Leomie Anderson

Hi, I'm Leomie Anderson and I welcome you to Lapp The Brand, a community I founded in 2016! I model, LOVE Game of Thrones and Bobs Burgers and when I'm not working on LAPP I am watching those.

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  1. Reed January 13, 2017

    HAHA Pokémon 😂😂. Yea their posts are fucking pathetic you can tell they are scraping for a story…


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